Used Equipment / Liquidations

Mobile Drum Screening Machine

Installed 2008


Mobile screening system is used to separate material contaminants from the base material:

  • Material is poured into the hopper (with front loader)
  • Material is transferred from the hopper to the screen drum by means of a bunker conveyor belt
  • the material is classified into fine and oversized grains by the rotating drum
  • the classified material is poured freely onto stockpiles (fine and oversized materials)
Condition: good
Siebling capacity: approx. 40 m3/h
Screening area: 10 m2
Mesh widths: 8 - 80 mm
Silo: 2’650 mm x 1’150 mm
Storage volume: 1,7 m3
dim. oversized grains: 3'500 mm x 550 mm
dim. fine grain conveyor: 4'100 mm x 1'600 mm
total length: 7’100 mm
total width: 2’550 mm
total height: 3’900 mm
Primary drive: Diesel LDW 1003 (13 kw)
Secondary drive: hydraulic
OEM: Fa. Komptech


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