CETAG of Switzerland


Casthouse Engineering and Technology AG (hereafter CETAG) of Switzerland is an expert adviser in aluminum casthouse technology, offering its services worldwide to the aluminum industry. Cooperating with an outstanding network of specialists, in combination with CETAG’s in-house knowledge, allows understanding, analysis and evaluation of our customers’ needs, resulting in state-of-the-art solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

The main objective of an aluminum cast house is manufacturing products of the highest standards in a safe and environmentally friendly way. This must be accomplished in the most cost-efficient way to allow for a sustainable production process. Capital investment, cost of labor, equipment operation, energy consumption, maintenance, and other factors must be closely evaluated, constantly monitored and improved wherever possible. CETAG, together with its customers, is proud to be part of this process, resulting in long-term relationships.


CETAG lives up to its responsibilities to offer innovative, technically sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to our customers and society in general on a daily basis. CETAG has a working philosophy of cooperating in a fair and honest way with its partners to fulfill its responsibilities.

Our Employees

CETAG’s employees are our most valued resource. Allowing our loyal and dedicated employees to be open minded and encouraging them to express their creativity in an international interdisciplinary environment allows us to meet the company’s objectives and strategies. This working environment enables our employees to concentrate on our common goal, which is to serve our customers in the best possible and most satisfactory fashion.


CETAG - Casthouse Engineering and Technology AG
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