Process Know-How and Services

CETAG offers a wide range of process know-how and services. Our employees and partners gained their in-depth knowledge over decades of being members of the aluminum industry community and offer their services to global customers to improve their processes and equipment. 

Our focus is not only on a single activity or piece of equipment but on the evaluation and improvement of complex cast house / aluminum processing operations.

Two main areas of concern are energy efficiency and maintenance. Two important topics which go hand in hand. CETAG helps plants to reduce energy consumption by in-depth analysis of equipment and processes. This analysis allows for the preparation of a comprehensive action plan to reduce cost AND environmental exposer (f.e. CO2 foot print).  Secondly, CETAG is prompting a philosophy of “Diversified Maintenance”. Maintenance can be done preventative (expensive), according to the actual condition of equipment (planned) or according to an event (possible interruption of production process). “Diversified Maintenance” will allow for cost optimization and a possible increase in productivity. Naturally, any program can only be implemented when all parties are working hand-in-hand.

Generally, CETAG supports our partners in the following areas

Process Know-How:

  • Casthouse operation to produce extrusion billets, rolling slabs, primary ingots
  • Process know-how in rolling and extrusion of aluminum,
    incl. necessary heat treatment cycles
  • Production of high purity aluminum products and / or glossy aluminum parts
  • Supply Chain Management


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Investment Analysis
  • Integrated Plant Design
  • Overall Project Management
  • Operation and Production Analysis
  • Lean Management, Lean Six Sigma, DFSS
  • Equipment and Spare Parts Contracting
  • Operator and Maintenance Personnel Training
  • Green Belt, Black Belt Training
  • Plant and Equipment Upgrading and Modernization


Dr.-Ing. Oliver Moos
Managing Director T +41 71 552 05 40 Vita
Dr.-Ing. Arndt Hettig
Senior Consultant T +49 172 101 1459 Vita