Main Features of the CETAG Rotary Dross Cooling System are:

  • Rapid and efficient cooling
  • Controlled charging by automated charging mechanism with vibrating feeder
  • Three way cooling, including emergency cooling system
  • Safety of operation
  • Rapid loading and high throughput capacity
  • Environmental control of both the charging and discharging areas, so that no dust is allowed to escape
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance and therefore high up time

Gains to be Made by Using a CETAG Rotary Dross Cooling System:

  1. With the use of the CETAG designed dross pots and drain pans a high amount of metal recovery is achieved.
  2. The rotary cooler is used to cool the drained dross efficiently and thereby eliminates thermiting of the dross. This results in an overall increase of ten to thirty percent (10 – 30 %) in metal recovery.
  3. The rotary cooler can be fitted with a segregation mechanism to allow separation by size and / or by alloy.
  4. The dross handling is significantly reduced, resulting in less personnel involvement and reduction in use of forklift truck traffic.
  5. The dross cooler has its own dust collection equipment. This improves the plant environment by eliminating dusty cooling rooms or storage areas.